Saturday, July 7, 2007

Getting Started

Today, I'm starting a blog to log my travels. The purpose is to allow friends to keep up with me when I'm out of town or out of the country. Normally this would be unnecessary, but my brother and I are planning a trip for next summer -- the entire summer. The plan is to take a car and drive. There are currently two places on the agenda: 1. Southern Utah, probably the best place in North America to take your vehicle off the pavement. 2. The Arctic Ocean in Alaska. This will make for lots of driving, lots of scenery, and many opportunities to find incredible places.

This is where you come in. Greg and I have a map, an incredibly large map of the United States, pinned to the wall. The places we want to go are marked, and I want to give you the opportunity to give me suggestions, so suggest away. It can be anywhere. No place is too overlooked, unknown, or remote. Let us know where YOU want us to go!


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