Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Dallas

Sunday we made it to Dallas as planned. The driving went surprisingly well. Greg took over in Anniston, AL and continued until the Louisiana state line. He was an absolute machine. I took over from there to the outskirts of Dallas, and we started looking for a place to stay. The 800 miles seemed like a good day, not excessive, but significant. I think driving this distance at a stretch will really help our sense of scale.

Yesterday, we visited with old friends here in Dallas. My buddy here is studying to be an Eqyptologist and can already read hieroglyphics and hieratic, which is about the coolest thing imaginable, so we talked about dead languages and Greek gramatical structure (I feel I have to clarify, Jason wrote that), while eating Memorial Day barbeque (Now that was more my speed--Greg).

Today the plan is to have lunch with another set of friends and then hit the road again. I think the goal will be Amarillo, but we'll see how far we get. Dinner at the legendary Big Texan is certainly an incentive. I suppose we'll just have to keep moving and find out where the road leads us.


My name is Greg Lewis and I approve this message.

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norrine terrey said...

Dear Jason and Greg,

Your mom emailed me your website so I could catch up on the trip. Great photos, great writing, and excellent humor.
Trust you will have a safe and enjoyable vacation together!
Norrine Terrey