Saturday, May 31, 2008


Providence is the only word I think can describe today's occurance. We've had a hard time finding space because Moab and Arches National Park are so crowded right now, so we decided on a new spot, which we found out was also full. We were fairly depressed and descided to punt and take the easy road to Canyonlands National Park to see a sunset and hopefully find a campground no one else wanted. We walked into the visitor's center for the park and discovered that there were permits available for campsites on the White Rim Road. This is probably the premier backcountry four-wheel drive trip in the area and one of the best in the world. Circumstances seemed to be orchestrated so that we would land in exactly the right place at the right time.

So plans changed and we've made some last minute preparations in town. Tonight we move to our forward staging area, and tomorrow morning we descend into the canyon of the Colorado River to traverse the lower rim right through the middle of the canyon to the confluence with the Green River where we will turn north and upstream. The road traverses the last area in the United States to be mapped. It was simply a blank spot until the 1870's when John Wesley Powell ran the Colorado for the first time. So that's our trip. We will be out of contact until the fourth, but then we should have some great pictures and stories to share.


Just as a reminder, I do read over all these and put my two cents in. Jason just has a way with words....

I'm Greg Lewis and I approve this message....(dunno why, just had to do it again)


Nate said...

Guys. I can't wait to see these pictures. I'm sorry you didn't eat the 72 ouncer but it sounded awful, given the pedestal especially. How's the book coming, Greg?

Joe Hope said...

Jason and Greg:

I am loving following your trip and quips across te nation. I can't wait to see your next posting.

Joe Hope

Jason Lewis said...

Yeah, Nate. It just wasn't possible. That is way too much food! Joe, thanks for letting us know you're reading! We're glad you're keeping up with us.